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Rock Climbing Cornwall

Fully qualified instructor

What is included?

  • Expert instruction from a fully qualified instructor
  • All specialist equipment – harness, helmet, ropes etc

How it Works?

  • Transport, we will meet you at nearby Roche Rock (see pics) or we can go in convoy from the campsite.

Session Times

Sessions are either:
  • Mornings (10am till 1pm)
  • Afternoons (2pm till 5pm)
We can run whole days or evening sessions in the summer to make
the most of the nice evenings.

Half day rock climbing sessions

We are experts in taking people to enjoy the adventure and excitement of real rock climbing. We have been taking people rock climbing for many years and have a flexible approach to our sessions.

We will tailor the session to meet and exceed your expectations where possible. Whether you are new to climbing or really want to push yourself on some hard climbs, we will try our best to enable this to happen.

Climbing at Roche Rock
Roche Rock

Our promise

Expert instruction from a fully qualified instructors

New to Rock Climbing?

We will talk you through every aspect. We will calmly encourage you every step of the way. We will choose easy rock climbs to get you started and increase the diffficulty/height as you progress. It is entirely up to you how high you wish to go and when you choose to come down. We want you to really enjoy the experience of moving on rock in the knowledge that you are in safe hands. 

Intermediate climbers

Take the next step, outdoor climbing is an amazing experience. You will already have some of the skill and strength required, now take them to the real thing. The main difference is you can’t see all of the hand and foot holds, you have to find them. Outdoor climbing is a great mental and physical workout. We can set up a range of different climbs to match your ability and push you some more.

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